Speaker recording agreement

14 - 16 February 2023   |   Kingdom of Bahrain
Under the Patronage of the Prime Minister, Kingdom of Bahrain
Under the Patronage of the Prime Minister, Kingdom of Bahrain

Speaker Recording Agreement

Event: GDA Virtual 

Date of Event: 22 - 23 February 2021

Virtual Venue: Hopin

GDA is delighted that you have accepted our invitation to be part of this virtual event. This is to inform you that your session/ presentation will be recorded for archival purposes, and to allow public access to it on our website and event social media handles including but not limited to LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. To that end, we ask for your non‐exclusive and royalty‐free permission as follows. This permission is not a transfer of any copyright that you may hold with respect to your presentation.

You hereby give permission to the GDA Virtual Organising team:

To reproduce, exhibit, distribute, broadcast, digitize, edit, or otherwise use such recording in whole or in part, for any unpaid academic, research, or other purposes of GDA, by any method and in any media, whether now existing or later created (including by digital or interactive media transmission) without obligation to you or subject to other restriction. Among other activities, GDA will post the
recording on a GDA Virtual website, and make it available through YouTube or through any other means for making presentations publicly accessible.

You affirm that your presentation is your original work and you have all necessary rights to grant the above described rights to GDA.

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