20 - 22 October 2020   |   Bahrain International Exhibition & Convention Centre
Theme: Downstream Turning Points - “Capitalizing on Transformation”
Theme: Downstream Turning Points - “Capitalizing on Transformation”


GDA membership is provided only to the corporate, professional entities, companies, academic institutions, etc.  Type of membership depends upon the actual business functions of their corporate and companies.

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The main vision of the GDA is to bring leading downstream players together for mutual benefits. This is achieved through innovative means of integrating the scattered knowledge and experience of different players into a common pool of best practices, case studies, lessons learned, discussion board, topic-focused trainings and access to relevant global resources besides hosting / leading conferences, seminars and workshops. Nominated Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) from the founding and other member companies, selected leading technology providers and consultants work in cooperative spirit under the guidance and supervision of the GDA team to realise this vision.

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