Future Growth

14 - 16 February 2023   |   Kingdom of Bahrain
Under the Patronage of the Prime Minister, Kingdom of Bahrain
Under the Patronage of the Prime Minister, Kingdom of Bahrain


Key factors that influence the future growth of downstream business.

1. Market outlook and industry strategies

Future market outlook for fuels and changes in the demand, and possible strategic shifts in downstream business to sustain future growth.

2. Future of refining

Covers heavy oil upgrading processes, along with advancements in technologies being used to improve refining margins

3. Capital efficiencies

Practices and methodologies to ensure capital efficiency and deliver projects with quality

4. Downstream integrations

Future growth in downstream integration and upgrade options in order to maintain competitiveness in the future environment. Pivoting and shifting options can be highlighted and supported with successful examples, especially if applicable to the GCC.

5. Origination and investment (government entities to discuss government support to infrastructure and funding)

To ensure a more effective role for the industry in the country's economy, there is a need for intensifying channeling of resources and investments, particularly in the industry sector. This topic brings focus on government efforts to support future growth of Downstream business

6. Funding Downstream investments

From Financing prospective , this topic brings an outside view from the financial institutions and highlights challenges and opportunities in funding downstream investments 

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