Digital Transformation

20 - 22 October 2020   |   Bahrain International Exhibition & Convention Centre
Theme: Downstream Turning Points - “Capitalizing on Transformation”
Theme: Downstream Turning Points - “Capitalizing on Transformation”


Integration of digital technology to improve business processes and develop new capabilities to drive performance.

1. Smart Plants (operation and enterprise analytics)

Technological transformation to smart plants (Digital Twins , AI , etc.. )

2. Robotics & UAV’s enterprise mobility

How robotics and UAV’s assist in evolving digital transformation for companies across all industries to improves business outcomes

3. Blockchain / Cloud 

Developments in blockchain/cloud and how it enables business partners to work with ONE system of records

4. 3D Manufacturing

How 3D printing technology is developing and influencing manufacturing processes to help businesses perform better

5. Leveraging data to optimize networks and logistics utilization

Leveraging mobile and analytics solutions to capture, analyze and communicate critical information to and from workers


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