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14 - 16 February 2023   |   Kingdom of Bahrain
Under the Patronage of the Prime Minister, Kingdom of Bahrain
Under the Patronage of the Prime Minister, Kingdom of Bahrain

Your Opportunity to Speak at the GDA CONFERENCE 2023

Theme: Downstream Turning Points - “Capitalising on Transformation”



Efforts of downstream industry to  meet customers requirements without compromising the needs of future generations

  • Environmental Compliance and Reporting
  • Carbon
  • Fuels
  • ESG
  • Decarbonization and sustainability communication
  • Technologies and best practices

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GDA Conference Resilience


Faced with structural change in demand, tighter regulatory policies, and consumer concerns, success of a Downstream business lies in its ability to turn challenges into opportunities and ensure long-term survival of the business. 

  • Business Transformation​
  • Technology Driven Transformation​
  • Agility and flexibility to respond to market dynamics
  • Asset Reliability ​
  • Best Practices from outside Oil & Gas Industry​
  • Flexibility and Competitiveness​ in Design and Operation
  • Process Efficiencies​ & cost optimization

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GDA Conference Disruptors


To thrive in today’s evolving landscape Downstream organizations, need to address internal & external disruptions by quickly pivoting and transforming their businesses. 

  • Market Disrupters
  • Policy & Regulatory Disruptors
  • Energy Transition​

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GDA Conference Future Growth


Key factors that influence the future growth of downstream business.

  • Future of Refining
  • Downstream integrations​
  • Capital efficiencies​
  • Funding Downstream investments​
  • Market outlook and industry strategies
  • Origination and investment (government entities to discuss government support to infrastructure and funding)​

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GDA Conference Digital Transformation


Integration and best use of digital technologyy to improve business processes and develop new capabilities to drive performance toward world class level.

  • Smart Plants (operation and enterprise analytics)
  • Robotics and Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV’s) enterprise mobility
  • Blockchain and Cloud computing
  • 3D Manufacturing
  • Leveraging data to optimize networks and logistics utilization
  • Data Science Technology , AI, internet of things (IoT) , Machine Learning (ML) ….etc.

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GDA Conference Human Capital


Current challenges and best practices in acquiring and developing talent in downstream.

  • Talent Management ​
  • Training & Digitisation
  • Post COVID-19: Workforce Design and Virtual Organisations

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Abstract submissions for the GDA International Downstream Conference will open soon.

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